What Can't You Ask On A Job Application

What Can't You Ask On A Job Application. Have a list of your credentials ready or use your resume as a guide, so you have all the information you need available when you apply. Washington state employment law faqs.

10 Things You Should Never Ask During a Job Interview
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What medications are you currently taking? Asking about other languages is fine if it is a job requirement such as a translator or spanish speaking phone operator. What you can and can’t ask a job applicant.

What Is Legal To Ask In A Job Application?.

If you do, ask them to inform the proper hiring manager about your application, or to put you in touch with someone in charge of the recruitment. Once you hire a new employee, you can’t forget to update your payroll. This question is too revealing of political and religious affiliations and candidates are not required to share such information with potential employers.

Asking About Other Languages Is Fine If It Is A Job Requirement Such As A Translator Or Spanish Speaking Phone Operator.

Know it is generally safe to ask if applicants can fulfill specific duties/obligations of. This means that generally you may not ask applicants questions. Learn more about when employers can ask for your date of birth, what to do if you think you are discriminated against, and how to respond to questions about your age and other subjects.

The Illegal Interview Questions Employers Can’t Ask You Before You Head To An Interview, It’s Important To Be Aware Of The Questions That Recruiters And Employers Shouldn’t Be Asking You.

That would reveal characteristics that are protected under the law, such race, color, age, national origin, religion, sex, veteran. Applicable federal, state, and local employment laws. Have you filed any workers' compensation claims?

Have A List Of Your Credentials Ready Or Use Your Resume As A Guide, So You Have All The Information You Need Available When You Apply.

Do you have a disability? You also may not ask whether an applicant has applied for or received worker's compensation. (1) how old are you?

Are You In Good Health?

Which of the following is inappropriate to ask on an employment application: However, you can ask an applicant if he will need a reasonable accommodation during the application process or on the job, in certain circumstances: You can’t ask an applicant about the nature, severity or extent of a disability or whether the applicant requires reasonable accommodation prior to a conditional job offer.